Al sass de stria

The Sass de Stria, literally "bewitched rock", was entirely excavated by the Austro-Hungarian army during the First World War. This made this important stronghold almost impregnable by the Italian Alpine troops. The excursion, relatively easy and not too tiring, reaches the top of this "natural sentry" of the Falzarego pass. The ascent through the normal way begins close to the small "Forte Tre Sassi" museum, a barracks-fortress built at the end of the XIX century to better control the nearby pass. Evident tracks guide the hiker on the ascent of the first rocky relief, with a typical enormous boulder laid on an instable position and once painted blue (now only a few traces of colour remain). Reaching the central area, like a rocky plateau, the landscape becomes increasingly impressive, with fantastic views of the nearby SettSass formation, and glimpses of the Sella and the Marmolada.
The entire area is marked by traces of trenches, tunnels, items dating back to the defensive positions of the Great War: a true open-air museum. The ascent continues then towards the summit through metal and wooden ladders, tunnels, trenches and gigantic clefts in the rock until the summit cross at 2,477 m.
The landscape here is truly incredible.

DAY: Wedenesday
TIME: 3-4 hours
CLIMB: 600 m
DEPARTURE: 9 AM from the hotel reception. Approach with your own means (40 minutes)
PRICE: € 20 per person. Free for those who book on our site
BOOKING is necessary within 4 PM of the previous day.