Per la vostra estate attiva: escursioni e trekking storici

It's a pleasant walk which allows you to visit historically interesting places while surrounded by a breath-taking landscape. 

The mountains are to be experienced on the move: walking or cycling, you can enter their nature and take your fill of their beauty and fresh air.

For this summer, we have prepared a rich program of guided excursions, to give you the pleasure of the choice among a variety of activities. 

Among these, we offer treks, mountain bike excursions and via ferratas!
The most important novelty are the 3 historical trekking routes which alternate every Wednesday and the new e-bike tour.

Historical Trek 1: Rocca di Podestagno

The trek initially follows the deep gorge of the Felizon creek, and then continues beneath the fortress, with a visit to one of the gun positions within an Italian cave from the First World War. Also included is the climb to the castle's ruins along the ancient royal street, a communication route that was incredibly important during the Middle Ages, connecting Italy to Northern Europe.

From the top, there is a wonderful view of Cortina, and it helps understanding the importance of the castle's strategic position to control the passage under the fortress.

Historical Trek 2: Popena's Ring along the war's mule tracks looking for the old border between Venice and Austria 

The location, among mountain pines and rock formation, overlooks the Popena Valley, close to Misurina. 

The trek begins from the aforementioned famous lake, towards Malga Misurina (where you can take a break) and continues along the pleasant path n. 224, initially through a pine forest. You can look back towards the lake, and above you towards the nearby rocky ridges of the Pale di Misurina, which you then will cross over through a pass. On it, a little above 2000 meters, there are the ruins of the Popena Cabin. 

Historical Trek 3: The bunker of the Vallo Alpino del Littorio in Cimabanche

The Vallo Alpino del Littorio (Alpine Vallum of the Lictor) is a system of fortifications which consists in various defensive positions (bunkers) ordered by Mussolini and built during Fascism's twenty-year period, before the Second World War to protect Italy's border from the surrounding countries. It lies between the province of Bellino and the autonomous province of Bolzano.

On the e-mountain bike: Cadore and the little lakes of Lagole

 This is a new and easy trip on e-bikes, suitable for all. 

A day to discover Cadore and its treasures: small villages along the bike path, painter Titian's birthplace, the museum of glasses in Lagole, an archeological area and natural reserve or rare beauty.

This final location is known for the Lago delle Tose (Lake of the Girls), a small body of water known since Roman times for its thermal attributes and thus the benefits of bathing in its waters. 

You can dive and bathe in the thermal springs of Lagole (even if its waters are very cold!). Moreover, this water is believed to be able to heal scars, a belief held since ancient times: several votive statues depicting spear-carrying warriors have been found in the area, probably as religious offerings or as thanks for their healing.