Cortina Bike Park: emozioni su due ruote

For the mountain bike lovers, Cortina's Bike Park Dolomiti is without a doubt the ideal place to test yourself and have fun.

It is located only a few minutes from our hotel, in the area of Socrepes and Tofana and you can reach it thanks to ad hoc facilities for bike transport. 

To access the chairlift to reach the Cortina Bike Park you can buy the tickets and get them from the Ticket Box, or locally at the checkout.

The park comprises as many as 18 km of paths suitable for every level, with over 1900 meters of altitude difference in total tracks include flowold school and technicals of different difficulties, designed for beginners and experts, for those who want to take in the view and for those who prefer the thrill of adrenaline.

The tracks meander among larch and pine woods, and mountain meadows, to get you closer to the world of downhill and practice your posture, brakes and the MTB's generic handling, but there are also tracks and jumps to test the abilities of the experts.

For those who prefer quiet, easy rides, the scenery is ripe with breath-taking views. 

For those who do not have their own bike, or for those who decide to reach the Cortina Bike Park last minute, we offer for free for our guests modern mountain bikes or electric mountain bikes for a small fee.

Come discover the various tracks, let yourselves be inspired and take off on your two wheels!

Cortina Bike Park's tracks

Killer Rabbit (1.5 km)
Is the fastest track, with parabolic curves over 2 meters, designed to make your descent as fast as possible (reaching up to 50 km/h)

Eagle Eyes (600 m) 
Is the natural variant of the Killer Rabbit track

G Force (1.8 km)
The name says it all, it's a flow track with supports, allowing you to never touch the brakes, and with every kind of jump!

New G Force 
With 27 parabolic curves and 9 jumps, this is closer to a bobsled track. On this track, a good rider will never have to brake!

Fire Fox (700 m)
A 7-jump line with 3 hills, step ups and transfers over 10 meters long. On the longest jump, you can jump up to 9 meters.

Rumerlo (3 km)
Extremely fast flow track with parabolic curves, step ups and transfers.

Tofanina (6 km)
Flow track which starts above 2000 meters and descends for over 1000; suitable for both beginners and experts.

Pomedes (2 km)
Dolomitic landscapes are the main attraction of this mixed flow trail which stretches in an extreme environment.

Krampus Trail - news 2022
This year's great news is the Krampus Trail, a downhill track for experts, natural and environmentally friendly for downhill and enduro lovers. It stretches for 2.5 kms, beginning at the height of the Duca d'Aosta cabin at an altitude of 2100 meters, and reaches Piè Tofana. The track meanders through fast coils and very technical parts, some of them in the woods and some along the slopes Olimpia delle Tofane, Labirinti e Vertigine, which hosted the Cortina World Cup 2021 and will be the main stage of the 2026 Milano Cortina Olympics. 

Our Dolomites, a natural theater with unmatched charisma, will also be the scenery for your two-wheeled experiences.

We're waiting for you in our hotel for an active and thrilling holiday (and so much more!)