Al rifugio Venezia e al biotopo di Ceoliè

The new Wednesday guided excursion for spring, summer and fall 2021 is an easy closed-loop hike with beautiful vistas towards the historical Venezia cabin at the feet of the Pelmo mountain.

It starts from the Ciauta malga (m. 1552 at Vodo di Cadore – 20 minutes by car from San Vito), a small farmhouse surrounded by an 8-hectar pasture for cattle, pigs and horses. From here the view of the Antelao mountain, the Sorapiss group and the Cristallo mountain is breathtaking. 

The first part of the excursion is on a relatively steep path, immersed in the woods, then, staying at high altitude, you will gradually ascend through fields dotted by larches and pines

The landscape becomes ever wider and more majestic while getting closer to the Pelmo mountain (m. 3168) which from here shows all of its grandeur. Soon you will reach the Venezia cabin (m. 1947), not without having met some grazing cows and herd of wild horses

From the cabin, historical starting point for the tour of the Pelmo and the ascent to its peak, you will descend along the path which leads to Borca di Cadore, turning, as indicated by our expert Alpine guide, towards the fascinating Ceoliè biotope. This is a small lake in which the Pelmo mountain is reflected, and whose waters and banks are teeming with lively nature. 

From there you will go back to Ciauta, where it's possible to have lunch with the malga's amazing products in front of a breathtaking view.

DAY: Wednesday | DEPARTURE from the hotel at 9 AM
DURATION: 4 hours | CLIMB: 400 meters | DIFFICULTY: easy