Con le ciaspole alla storica muraglia del Giau e alla piccola malga

A visit to the Giau Wall is a thrilling path to the discovery of a story of bravery and determination.

Through an easy hike in the middle of the woods, one can reach the Giau Wall, a large stone wall, built in only six months by the inhabitants of San Vito to preserve their right to have their animals graze in the wonderful Giau basin.

To this day, this is still a sunny paradise, protected from cold winds, rich in streams and wonderful scenic views. From the terrace of the Small Cabin, you can enjoy an incredible view of the Lastoi de Formin and of the Croda da Lago mountain.

DAY: wednesday
TIME: 4 hours
CLIMB: ↑↓ 200 mt
PRICE: € 150 for 2 people. € 40 for 2 people, if you booked on our website! Extra: a great typical lunch at the Giau Cabin
DEPARTURE: at 9 AM from the hotel reception with the hotel van or with your own vehicles.
BOOKING at the reception by 4 PM of the previous day