Giro dei laghi in e-bike

A poetic excursion among fresh forests and small Alpine lakes.

The hotel is only a few minutes away from the Mosigo lake, on which the imposing Croda Marcora is reflected. Long ups and downs in the forest leads to the small Pianozes lake, famous for his emerald colour and surrounded by thick centuries-old woods. From here, the ascent begins leading to the Ajal lake, teeming with fish, and it continues on through a sequence of hairpin bends until the majestic Federa lake at the feet of the Croda da Lago. An evocative place, particularly with its Fall foliage, where it is possible to take a break at the cabin, recharge the e-bikes and, why not, dive into the crystal clear lake.

DISTANCE: 40 km.
TIME: 4 and a half hours
CLIMB: ↑↓ 1.000 m.
DEPARTURE: 9 AM from the hotel's reception.