Giro dell’Averau e del Nuvolau

We're taking you on the peak of 2 mountains for a glorious day with grandiose sights all around you.

The tour of the Averau and Nuvolau is a pleasant and extremely panoramic route which features two parts of equipped path: the Ra Gusela Via Ferrata and the Averau Via Ferrata.

It begins from the parking lot close to the charming Giau Pass (m.2236) and it continues along a comfortable path until the beginning of the Ra Gusela Via Ferrata. This first Via Ferrata includes a small ladder and a passage on a narrow path, on which maximum care is required; after it you will proceed easily until the characteristic Nuvolau Cabin (m.2536), the oldest cabin in the Dolomites, on the peak of the mountain of the same name.

From here you will quickly descend to the Averau Cabin (m.2413) and within a few minutes you will reach the second Via Ferrata. You will go through its passages in quick succession—among which a narrow mountain "vent"—which lead to the ridge in about 60 metres of equipped path, and then to the close summit cross through small tracks (m.2649).

The view is as majestic as they get: Tofana di Rozes, Sella, Marmolada, Civetta, Antelao, Pelmo, Lagazuoi, Sassolungo, Sorapis,... The return is through the same way, and from the Averau Cabin you will take a sunny path which gently leads to the Giau Pass.

DAY: Tuesday | DEPARTURE from the hotel at 9 AM
TIME: full day | CLIMB: ↑↓ 600 m | DIFFICULTY: medium.