Cosa fare quando piove?

In the mountains the possibility of finding an entire week of nice weather is rare, but this does not mean that a bad day must necessarily be boring.

Abbiamo messo insieme le alternative che da anni suggeriamo ai nostri ospiti.


Cortina's climbing gym offers the possibility to climb indoors on more than 80 ways ranging from the 3b to 8b+ difficulties, up to 24 meters in height and more than 30 meters of development. It has an area with shorter and easier ways and some itineraries are equipped with top ropes for those who do not feel confident in climbing as first in line. The Alpine guides hold personalised courses, even short ones, to learn or hone one's techniques to move on a vertical wall.

The Ice Stadium, location of the 1956 Olympics and set of several famous movies, has an ice rink open throughout the year with the possibility to rent ice skates.

Why not challenge yourself with a tennis game in the indoor fields of the Tennis Country Club? Spectating or even participating in one of its thrilling tournaments happens quite often.


There are 5 museums worth visiting:

The Museo Etnograficco d'Ampezzo, or the Ampezzo Ethnographic Museum</strong in Cortina.
Walking in the museum gives the feeling of living in a different age. The tour takes you along the history and tradition of a place, from its fields to its daily life at home, from the religious sentiment to the artistic expression of the Ampezzo Valley. All of this thanks to a large collection of utensils, traditional tools of the field-forest-pastoral culture and the unmissable traditional garments of Ampezzo. A tangible example of how the precious memory of our origins has been preserved in time.

The Museum of Paleonthology in Cortina.
The museum hosts one of the largest fossil collections in existence today. Megalodons, shells of marine invertebrates, corals, sponges and fossils of uncountable creatures bear witness to a far away time in which the territory of Cortina was covered by the sea. The findings, hailing from the entire Dolomitic area, have been gathered and catalogues by Ampezzan researcher Rinaldo Zardini and tell of the valley's geological evolution.

The Museum of Modern Art in Cortina.
Its collection, gifted in 1974 to the Regole institution by the widow of Mario Rimoldi, former mayor of Cortina during the Olympics, is a precious body of sculptures and paintings by the major artists of the Italian Novecento (twentieth century). From De Chirico to De Pisis, from Carrà, Morandi and Depero to Sironi and Rotella, the Museum represents a must-see voyage through the best contemporary art has to offer. The collection continues to grow and meanwhile is often lent to temporary exhibitions.

The Museum of Glasses in Pieve di Cadore.
The museum of glasses exhibits precious collections by Italian, French, Belgian and German opticians (lenses, cases, binoculars, banners, scopes, fans, statues and vintage volumes) together with an important documentation of the technological evolution in the production of glasses, cases and lenses in Cadore from the end of the nineteenth century to the 1960s.

Tiziano Vecellio's birthplace in Pieve di Cadore.
The home in which the famous Renaissance painter was born and grew up in is a typical Cadorina house of the fifteenth century. Some copies of his drawings from the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence are exhibited there, along with important documents about the painter.


Since the 1950s Cortina has been cutting edge in the field of fashion, setting the trends of the season.

It only takes a walk along the streets of the town centre to find out about the trends of next season: from luxury clothing to shoes, from antiques to high-end jewellery, from floral decor to decorative objects, to the latest trends in the field of sports.

There are also interesting temporary exhibitions in Corso Italia's art galleries, and the Cooperativa, the historical shopping centre in which to find everything, even the unexpected, is worthy of a visit.


Our small Spa is the ideal place to relax and regenerate while it's raining outside. If you wish to take a dive in the pool, the Corte Spa in Borca di Cadore offers a wide pool with Jacuzzi in the middle of the forest.