Climbing day on the 5 torri

The 5 Torri’s rock climbing natural gym is the quintessential “gym” for everybody: mountaineers and sport climbers, and also those who are still taking their first steps. On this gem, made up of boulders and steeples of all shapes and sizes, the mountaineers’ ropes join those of the sport climbers who love the challenge of the 5 Torri in a unique scenery for their feats.
The choice of itinerary is diverse: 130 different fitted paths with difficulty ranging from the second degree to 8b, and itineraries of more than one pitch: classic and modern-style. All around you, breath-taking landscapes to complete your special day.

TIME: all day.
DIFFICULTY: easy, medium, hard.
PRICE: € 330 which you can divide among max 4 people.
DEPARTURE: at 9 AM from the hotel reception with the hotel van or with your own vehicles.
BOOKING is necessary within 4 PM of the previous day.