Escursione sulle Dolomiti al tramonto: alla scoperta dell’Enrosadira

There is a curious phenomenon in the Dolomites: theAlpenglow, or "Enrosadira", a word that comes from Ladino, an ancient language spoken to this day here in the Cadore area, which means "to become pink".

If you have already been to San Vito di Cadore you might have noticed that at sunrise and sunset the Dolomites change colour. As the light changes, it tinges the mountains of a wide range of shades of pink, shifting to orange and red just before dusk.

This is a unique phenomenon, and it occurs because Dolomia, a rock composed of calcium carbonate and magnesium, "ignites" when hit by sunlight, developing these incredible shades of pink. However, if the scientific explanation isn't enough for you, there is also a romantic legend explaining this phenomenon.

The legend of King Laurino

Laurino, king of the Dwarves, owned a rose garden, called "Rosengarten" or Catinaccio. One day the king of Adige decided to find a suitable husband for the beautiful princess Similde, and invited all the princes of the realm to a tournament. All but Laurino, who attended nonetheless, hidden by an invisibility cloak, and kidnapped the girl, taking her to his home. Once back in the rose garden, he noticed that he had been followed by the other knights, who surrounded him. Laurino wore a belt that gave him the strength of twelve men, but despite his invisibility cloak, he was captured. Because of the noise made by rose bushes as he moved, the soldiers were able to track Laurino's movements. The king, hurt by the realisation that he had been betrayed by his own garden, cast a curse upon it: the magnificent garden would not be seen by anyone anymore, neither during the day nor at night. But as he petrified his garden he forgot about sunrise and sunset. Since then, the roses tinge the mountains, at the beginning and at the end of each day.

The excursion

To admire the Alpenglow at its most beautiful, we suggest you take part in theexcursion that will take place at sunset, at the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. In this area, some of the most beautiful hiking paths of the Dolomites can be found, going through wonderful landscapes, as wild as they are pristine.

The excursion begins in the late afternoon from the hotel with your own means, to reach the Auronzo cabin, at the foot of the Tre Cime, as the sun begins to set. This location is somewhat reminiscent of a rocky amphitheatre, surrounded by the high dolomite peaks. From here, as a group, you will continue along an easy level hike to the little church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice. Above you, you'll be able to admire all three "Cime". The spectacle you will witness is majestic. The feeling is akin to being but a few steps from the sky.

From here you will reach the Lavaredo cabin, at the base of the Cima Piccola, and then continue towards the Forcella Lavaredo. The landscape is dominated by the northern walls of the Tre Cime, which loom majestically. This is the most breathtaking spot to enjoy the Alpenglow, which tinges the Tre Cime at sunset.

The excursion is of medium difficulty, of about three hours of walking, which anyone can complete without too much effort. At the end of the hike, helped by a frontal headlamp, you will follow the quiet path which will lead you back to the car and you return to the hotel.

The cost of the excursion is € 160 splittable among maximum 8 people and will be organised every saturday of July and August.

If you wish to experience live the Alpenglow on the Tre Cime di Lavaredo, contact us!